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Xie Wen then resign: 1 million and 3 years is too luxurious

Xie Wen again resigned.

Called China's Internet "veterans" of the DR, had worked in the public network, Ourgame, internet laboratories, and the telecommunications network served as CEO and general manager of Yahoo China, but often have hang up his boots away end. 8 months ago, Xie Wen co-founded "with the network" and served as CEO.

"Give me 10 million U.S. dollars and 3 years, I promise to do it." On September 9 this year, Xie Wen is still placed on the network with high hope and believe that the cooperation of employers, in addition to staff, their advocated by the SNS (social network service) ideas are carried through. However, the only voice down less than 3 months, thank once again chosen to resign.

"In the same area as happy SNS network access to internal network traffic, while great, is called a non-profit employers believe that, but you have to spend 3 years training things, has become increasingly difficult." Dec. 2, 1 position in the industry say.

"Five conditions do not have the"

December 2, Xie Wen told reporters, in fact, released in September this year, when the rhetoric, he and co-operation with the network of investors has emerged a shadow, "but in any one day, just referring to the need to do."

According to report, with net investment side is the mass of information technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred mass Corporation), mainly to do data mining, intelligent retrieval services.

Xie Wen said that the company was the reason why mass attracts him because the company did 8 years search engine technology, "there is no fortune, no closure, there must be the quality which is different from ordinary people."

December 2, Xie Wen still stick to the theory for the Web2.0, Web2.0 to do that successfully requires five elements: First, have a good game, that is the modern enterprise system, the Board, the management of all negative their duties, not ultra vires; second, have a good strategy, that must be innovative, can not simply copy, and not only plans offer quick and tough; third, have a good team; Fourth, to have good resources, mainly funds; Fifth, there should be some time.

To this end, he proposed the "3 years and 10 million" concept. This impressed the massive company, has become a prerequisite for their cooperation.

According to Xie Wen said the two sides basically hit it off, that through our efforts to build China's MySpace, "at the time, the five conditions are available look."

However, Xie Wen seems, things have changed quickly. In terms of personnel, with the network team about 100 people initially, but when left in the DR left 80 people, "with 30 new tactics which, in fact, in just 8 months has 50 people left. "

Xie Wen believes that the biggest problem is the investors failed to do so, "mainly because of funding and equity issues." Xie Wen told reporters: on the one hand, 1 / 3 of the financing was not forthcoming; on the other hand, promised to him in equity and not in place, "has to leave, nor did the law become a shareholder with the network."

"I talked about earlier five conditions were actually destroyed, in this case, the rules of the game has been in turmoil, could not proceed." Xie said.

"Burn" very extravagant

"Xie Wen said the five conditions, in reality, it is mission impossible." One of the industry, told reporters.

"Mass is the use of the money threw themselves, how to calm down, wash it?" The official said, particularly in the current financial crisis environment, the company believes cash is king and will not put money lightly spread out, even if there is money in the hands of the company, will become more cautious.

According to report, with the network's performance by the other SNS sites in the extrusion, the performance was not satisfactory. As of December 2, in the Alexa traffic rankings, with the net position is the first 21,999 names, which belong to the same school site SNS class network of networks and happy ranking 166 and 139, respectively, a huge gap between the two sides. Especially since May this year, happy with the competition for parking spaces network, such as the slave trade for several games on a huge user base and traffic.

"This allows SNS industry hopes to see overnight success, let dry for three years Hsieh Wen encouraged to go directly affected by the impact theory." Some analysts have said.

"More importantly, the massive company's money is their own, can not afford to burn, not obvious in the case of performance, there will be doubt. This is for investors and management is an old problem." The source said.

Generous consulting CEO Cheng Tianyu also believes that investors can not 100 percent between the coordination and management, therefore, how to handle investor relations and also management must face.

Access to venture capital should just search Web CEO, said Wang Kai, and now investors on the management team have become increasingly demanding, "Gambling has become increasingly popular on the" increasing pressure management, and, as XIE Man imagine the kind of situation without any pressure of dry years, more and more difficult.

One person familiar with Xie Wen told reporters, not so much Xie Wen is a businessman, as he is a scholar, never give up the ideal, but reality always requires compromise, "even with even the best ideas, in the absence of understanding of time, that can not be successful. "

According to the ideal into reality is not

"China's SNS sites do not have a consistent true Web2.0." 9 9, Xie Wen said he most looked down on speculation that one or two from abroad by copying a small program and draw a large number of users of the site, believing it effect and will not last long. However, a disadvantage for the time being so that he is such a website.

"He did a project with any of the spirit of openness. Do not know the environment is bad in the end, or was he thinking too far ahead." Summed up the industry said.

"Previously, when Yahoo China, Xie Wen wanted to build China's MySpace, but in just 40 days later, was forced to resign." The person said.

"This year's time, has been doing with the net open, and open is the SNS most need to be resolved." December 2, Xie Wen told reporters remained.

He summed up the direction of development of the next step SNS: first, SNS is a people-centered, starting from people's; second, SNS is open; third, full-service, full life; Fourth, integration of intelligence.

The person familiar with Xie Wen told reporters that the text would like to thank the sample by creating a successful web site to prove their theory is correct, but the reality is that he was once again stranded.

When asked Xie Wen next plan, he said, "rest, or start the next. China's Internet is still very young, the opportunity will be a lot."

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