Thursday, July 22, 2010

Switch, router password recovery procedure

鈷?exported to connect the switch console terminal or PC emulation terminal. With no direct connection Modem connection PC's serial exported to the switch console port.

鈷?first hold down the mode key switch panel, and then turn on the power.

鈷?initialize flash.

> Flash_init

鈷?renamed the configuration file containing the password.

> Rename flash: config.text flash: config.old

鈷?start switch.

> Boot

鈷?enter privileged mode.

> Enable

鈷?boot time is already overlooked password.

# Rename flash: config.old flash: config.text

鈷?copy configuration files to the current system.

# Copy flash: config.text system: running-config

鈷?modify password.

# Configure terminal

# Enable secret

鈷?save the configuration.

# Write

Router password recovery procedure

鈷?exported to connect the router console terminal or PC emulation terminal. With no direct connection Modem connection PC's serial exported to the router's console port.

鈷?with the show version command to display and record the configuration register value, usually 0x2102 or 0x102. If you can not use the show version command to obtain prompt, you can view similar to the router to get the configuration register value or try to use 0x2102.

鈷?turn off the router's power supply, and then open.

鈷?the start of the first 60 seconds press Break key, you will see the ">" prompt (no router name), if not see the ">" prompt to show that you did not send the correct Break signal, then you can check terminal or terminal emulation settings.

鈷?in the ">" prompt, type o / r 0x42 in the boot from the Flash memory or type o / r 0x41 in the boot from ROM (Note: This "o" is lowercase letter "O"). Flash and intact if it did not move over, 0x42 is the best setting, because it is the default value, only if the Flash is erased or not installed, use 0x41. If you use 0x41, you can view or delete the original configuration, but you can not change the password.

鈷?in the ">" prompt, type i, the router will restart and ignore its saved configuration.

鈷?set all the questions answered "no".

鈷?at the Router> prompt, type enable, you will enter the Router # prompt privileged users.

鈷?view the password, type show config

Change the password (the password encryption in the case), in accordance with the following steps:

(A) Type config mem copy the NVRAM into memory;

(B) type wr term;

(C) If you have made enable secret xxxx, run the following command: Type config term and then type enable secret press Ctrl + Z; If you have not made enable secret xxxx, then type the enable password, Press Ctrl + Z;

(D) Type write mem to submit to save changes; if delete configuration, type write erase.

鈷?at the Router # prompt, type config term.

鈷?type config-register0x2102, or type the value recorded in the second step.

鈷?press Ctrl + Z exit the editor.

鈷?at the Router # prompt, type the reload command, do not need to do write memory.


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